Anouk en Wendela

Photo: Petra Bosman

Anouk and Wendela have known each other since sail camp when they were fourteen. Who knew that sneaking cigarettes behind random barns and navigating the famous Frisian lakes in small two-seaters, would result in such a creative undertaking as Smash Cult some twenty-plus years later!

Both armed with degrees in Art History, Anouk continued to specialize in Antique Jewellery, and worked as a Jewellery Specialist at Christies, before branching out into interior design.

Wendela, meanwhile, had a number of different careers in art and finance before finding her dream career as a fashion journalist. When not writing for Smash-Cult.com, she writes for B2B online fashion journal Fashion United.

Having both spent the majority of their lives living abroad in exotic locations in Asia and South America, Anouk and Wendela share a love for the unexpected, the glamorous and the diverse. Smash-Cult was born out of a desire for escapism from the mundane. Their blog is a way of expressing their creative passion for anything beautiful, be it fashion, interiors, architecture, or people. They aim to inspire those as they themselves are inspired daily.