BeniOurainTheMoroccanRoomMy Beni Ourain rug finally arrived this week from Marrakech. I was so excited, I did an actual happy dance in front of the delivery man! I admit I was a little nervous, although the vendor said it would take six weeks to arrive, and he was right on the money! I have coveted this plush rug from the moment I first saw it featured on a design blog. Admittedly, they’re popping up everywhere now, but that has done nothing to diminish my obsession. And let’s face it: here in Holland, we’re at least three to five years behind the biggest trends in the US and the UK, so I don’t feel too bad.

My rug is going to be the first item in my new office (a spare room on the top floor of our house that hasn’t been designated a bed- or playroom for our boys). I can’t wait to tackle this new project and will gladly give you a show and tell as soon I’ve started. In the meantime, here’s a little inspiration.

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