The cover of Harper's Bazaar Nederland September 2014

The cover of Harper’s Bazaar Nederland September 2014

The Dutch edition of Harper’s Bazaar has just (re)launched in Holland (it apparently didn’t survive its first launch back in the Eighties) and I waited with bated breath for the historic magazine to make its re-entry into this new-fangled luxury market of ours. When I bought it yesterday and flicked through the pages, I let out a sigh of relief. This is a magazine that I can relate to, as close to the awesome American original as it can get without losing sight of its new Dutch home. In the past, I have felt nothing but irritation trying to make sense of the jumbled, closely-packed articles in fonts of various styles and sizes that have featured in other Dutch fashion magazines (I choose not to name names), but Harper’s Bazaar Nederland keeps things clean, calm and luxurious. The magazine offers a reprieve from the world of fast fashion chains and empty consumerism by offering us a glimpse of true luxury. Unaffordable though a lot of it may be, it’s the perfect form of escapism and a great source of inspiration. I’ve always enjoyed Editor-in-Chief Cecile Narinx’s writing, and I’m glad to have her back.

When talk of the imminent launch of the Dutch Harper’s was all over the news, people in the business questioned the sanity of launching another fashion magazine when most are seeing their numbers plummet and many are closing up shop. “Do we need another fashion magazine?” they asked. The recently-launched Dutch Vogue made disparaging eyes at Narinx, but I think she deserves the last laugh. For when people ask “Do you really need another…. (black shoe, handbag, dress, fill in the blank)”, I always reply: “I may not need it, but my God, do I want it!” The same applies to Harper’s Bazaar. I want more!

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