ToryBurchShe’s the be-all and end-all in Waspish-chic, the doyenne of preppy with a twist. When I grow up, I want to be Tory Burch! She may have been born into a life of luxury, but this designer (who, by her own admission, never designed anything until she set up her eponymous company) dared to dream big and make it happen. Forbes now estimates her net worth at over 1 billion dollars! I am officially impressed!

I remember when she first launched her company and thinking, quite unfairly and rather ungraciously I might add, that this was just a flash in the pan. A bored socialite looking to add a little something to her resume, after quitting her job to have babies. Reminds me of someone: oh yes, me!! (bar the socialite part!). But she made me eat my words and I am a huge fan of both her line, her personal style and her insanely chic interiors (more of which in another post). I particularly love her bold use of accessories and her playful mix of prints, which is completely up my alley although perhaps a bit much for the school run? Maybe I should just stop caring about what others think! Go big or go home!

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